Organic Gardening – Pest Control General Notes on Methods in Horticulture

Pest Control Approaches Chemistry Horticulture fight invasive specific insecticide pest . They can work efficiently and quickly at first, but their long-term use may increase the insects resistant to insecticide use. To kill people, further efforts are needed and the use of different chemicals and can be stronger than necessary. In addition, killing enemies in the garden, any insecticide inevitably elimination of predatory insects (natural Bug control). And in their absence will lead to the multiplication of harmful parasites. Therefore, a gardener will have to seek other options for defeating invasive populations. organic gardening, on the other hand, provides pest control through the study and understanding of life cycles and their characteristics, and the combined use of methods such as: – plant selection (pest and disease resistant plants were chosen for a garden) – Growing Company (planting those crops against pests and insects) – changing P/ P> – use row cover during periods of migratory pest – using traps to reduce populations of insect pests – increase the number of predatory insects and beneficial organisms. The organic gardeners usually allow some parasites to live in the garden, precise control, even if their level. All methods are also additional benefits of which organic garden, fertilizing, soil protection, pollination, extending the season and water conservation, despite their influence and results usually take some time to become evident. In short, we can say that biological and ecological pest control may be components of an integrated pest management (IPM). However, they can use also chemical pesticides to eliminate pests, even if they are not part of organic or biological means. Soil control and soil management are important things in gardening. They have the ability to keep the garden healthy and strong, which is key to preventing boand plants. One of the ways to success is to offer garden humus and organic matter .

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