8 Must-Have Gardening Tools For The Rose Gardener

While roses are the centerpiece of any garden landscape, these special flowers do require some specialized care and the right rose gardening tools will help you to do the job. It is important for all landscapers and rose gardeners to be aware of the special needs of roses, and to take the steps needed to help them thrive. Among the most important gardening tools for the rose gardener to gather areā€¦

Gardening gloves

One of the chief components of any rose plant are the thorns, so a strong pair of gardening gloves is an essential part of any rose gardening kit. It is a good idea to invest in a quality pair of leather gardening gloves, as these will be more protective, and more long lasting.


When choosing shovels for the garden, it is important to choose models that are lightweight and easy to work with. Shovels with fiberglass shafts and strong handles work well in the garden. You may also want to invest some extra money into a shovel with a padded handle.


Like shovels, rakes are an important part of any gardening project, and it is important to choose quality rakes to get the job done. Look for a strong rake with steel tines for smoothing the garden, and a high quality leaf rake for removing leaves and other debris. It is a good idea to buy both a large rake and a smaller one for getting into those tighter places.

Pruning shears

These are perhaps the most important of all gardening tools, and rose growers will use their pruners on an almost daily basis. There are in fact two different kinds of pruners – the bypass pruner and the anvil pruner. For most types of roses the bypass pruner will work best. This type of pruning shear will not crush the delicate stems of the roses the way an anvil pruner could.


Purchasing a simple wheelbarrow is an important part of gardening. There is simply no substitute for a strong and sturdy wheelbarrow to move things from one part of the garden to another.

Gardening fork

A gardening fork is a must have for the rose gardener. It is important to choose a quality steel gardening fork with a solid padded handle. The gardening fork will make it much easier to loosen and turn the soil.

Watering wand

When choosing a watering wand, it is important to look for one with brass fittings. These brass wands will last much longer than plastic, and that long life will more than make up for the higher initial cost. It is also a good idea to choose a wand with a shut off valve. You will find this valve very convenient when working in the garden.

Kneeling pads

Working in the garden means spending lots of time kneeling, and it is important to have a quality kneeling pad to make the work more comfortable. There are several different sizes and varieties of kneeling pads, including kneeling blocks with attached handles. It is important to shop carefully and to choose a kneeling pad that works for you.

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