14 thoughts on “A Fukuoka Inspired Permaculture Garden”

  1. The daikons and the rebuilding of the soil as per Fukuoka will help re-establish the soil in order for you to be able to do what Ms. Emilia Hazlip did in France.

  2. It is actually the MOST sustainable way. Dumping fertilizers on the ground actually removes nutrients and makes the gardener / farmer dependent on the chemicals, which, in turn go into you.

  3. This is one of the most sustainable ways to grow vegetables, if not the most sustainable way!

  4. Hey everyone, I live in Argentina. I have been studying and implementing the Permaculturist approach and coupled it with a other approaches. I found EM technology and Vital Plant technology to help immensely in plant protection and yield. EM5 which is the natural approach to pest control is extremely effective and easy to use, along with bokashi it makes things easier as you create a close loop cycle for kitchen refuse.

  5. Still on hedgehogs, now this makes more sense, About twenty years ago i used to put out saucers of milk in the garden to attract hedgehogs , slugs used to crawl in there and drown in dozens! even when the milk was stale and diluted with rain water it still worked.

  6. Esto parece increible. Una pregunta: es este m├ętodo adaptable a todas las superficies? Hay un minimo? Gracias

  7. Where I am the beds would be no good as it would be back breaking work to make those mounds out of the heavy, compacted clay.
    I am layering with cardboard, grass clipping, manure then mulch. I plant straight into this. Maybe in a few years the soil can be lifted to make mounds. I am planting daikons into everything as mentioned by Fukuoka.

  8. and I also put a pond in the middle. Now I have hedgehogs and frogs on slug duty – and it has been so dry here in early June, the mulch has meant I have not needed to water at all. Great!

  9. Fantastic video. I watched Sepp Holzer’s dvd about his raised beds in Austria – very similar to these – and wondered how he did it. This is a great ‘how to’ guide. I am trying these beds out here in Wales, and am getting great results in the first year. Even the predicted slug problem is not too bad – I have laid the border hedge and left big stacks of habitat piles

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