Attracting Butterflies – Make Your Garden A Paradise

Wondering at the heading well this is called butterfly gardening and what is that you may ask. Well it simply means growing that sort of colorful and attractive plants so that butterflies will visit your garden. Your family and friends will be delighted looking at the dainty and wonderful creatures. But make sure you create a habitat that is safe for them. In case you have cats as pets then forget this as it is cruel to invite these lovely insects to death.

The garden you create to attract these lovely insects is a matter of personal choice. Some general things to keep in mind would be the size and types of plants and flowers you plan to grow. Choose that garden style that holds an appeal to you but also make sure it contains the types of flowers and plants that will attract the butterflies that you want.

It is vital to know the species or types of butterflies in your locality and then find out the kinds of plants that will attract them! You can find more information regarding this in your local library. For creating an environment that will appeal to them you also should keep water of some type. Birdbaths are useful in appealing yet keeping hem safely away from cats and puppies. A small dish that can be hung on a nearby tree or post will also serve the purpose.

While planting the garden carefully co-ordinate colours in the flowerbeds. This is not because the butterflies are finicky about colours but because you do not want a bad looking and ill coordinated garden with unrelated textures and colours. Butterflies are attracted more to nectar more than than pollen hence you can go for flowers like day lilies, lavender, yellow sage, purple coneflower, daisies, Valerian, summer lilacs, milkweed and honeysuckle.

Some people draw a detailed layout with colour so that they can have a preview of what the garden will resemble once it is done. Always remember that too bright colours like reds and oranges are showy and flashy. They are better against a greener background. Toned down Colours like purples and blues are cool and soothing and will work better against a white contrast for that look of brightness and freshness.

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