25 thoughts on “Basic Gardening Tips : How to Create Good Growing Soil”

  1. Thanks I enjoyed this video. I put it on one of my garden sites and kinda wrote what you are saying.

    We had such a tough time getting the soil prepared for our first garden that I thought it would be nice for others to see the video and do the job right the first time. 🙂

  2. be sure to grow wild gourds, the leaves make a perfect bug repellent for your garden plants.
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  4. i grow tomatoes in a old hothouse with canada muck and cow poo and dont use eny thing for bugs

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  6. if her breathing is distractive then you need more vitamins & exercise to improve your sense of focus.

  7. Thats a very ugly yard. All you should do is determine what area you want to be garden, make a barrier around it, dig 10 inches in the area, take out the weeds & grass, poor any soil (i use organic) then put your plants down in a organize pattern with reasonable space. Cover in dirt & your done. Water day & night

  8. I liked her. She was informative, straight to the point and matter of fact. I huff and puff when I’m working out in my garden too. This was more enjoyable and dynamic to me than the usual expert village videos

  9. ExpertVillage should find some people that are less nervous infront of the camera. It took me a couple times of watching this video to actually learn something. She was to distracting, herself.

  10. Creating good soil is essential for any garden. In order for plants to grow, the soil must have a good balance of all the crucial components. Each area has a different kind of soil, which must be taken into account when creating good gardening soil. Different plants need different kinds of soil as well, which you must know before you create your garden soil.

  11. I know about the seeds but what about the soil, what are they doing to the potting soil? Know what companys to avoid or where I can find more info on what they are doing to the potting soil?

  12. What about rocks? I’ve been searching high and low for a video on what to do with these big rocks I’m finding in the bed I made. What’s the tool for that?

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