Botanical Gardens in Singapore

Singapore Botanical Garden, lying over 52 hectares, is among the largest botanical reserves in the world. Having millions of plants, a visit to the Gardens is a productive experience for anyone interested in nature. Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore, established the Botanical Gardens in 1822.

Divisions of Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens in Singapore has been divided mainly into four parts: Orchid Garden, Evolution Garden, Ginger Garden and Rain Forest.

Orchid Garden
Orchid Garden is the most visited attraction in the Botanic Gardens. It is located on the mid-western side of the Garden. Lying over a hilly landscape on three hectares, the Garden has approximate 1,000 plant species and 2,000 orchid hybrids.

Evolution Garden
Evolution Garden, lying over 1.5 hectares, is located in central part of the Botanical Gardens. Touring the garden, one could know about the evolution of plant life on our planet. Latest entry to the Gardens, it has rapidly grown in popularity.

Ginger Garden
Ginger Garden occupies one hectare of the Gardens. It is located next to the National Orchid Garden, having the plants related with ginger family. A gift shop and a restaurant here take care of the needs of the tourists. One can also enjoy picnic in the waterfall here.

Rain Forest
A tropical rain forest within city limits is a unique entity in Singapore. The six hectare rain forest is quite dense. Another rain forest within Singapore city is Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

More Botanical Gardens Attractions
Attractions in the Botanical Gardens don’t end with the options given above. One could visit more attractions like Saraca Stream Walk, Palm Valley, Sundiaal Garden, Sun Garden, Botany Center, Green Pavilion, and Bandstand Area. One can also visit three pretty beautiful lakes, namely Symphony Lake, Eco Lake and Swan Lake. Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage on Symphony Lake organizes entertaining musical concerts.

Reaching Botanical Gardens
Several local buses are available for the Gardens, particularly from Holland Road and Bukit Timah Road. Alternatively, one can also hire taxis to reach there.

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