Build or Buy A Worm Bin? Pros and Cons

Worm bins can be a costly purchase for your worm farm.  However, is it really worth it?  The following article goes over the pros and cons of buying a worm bin or making it yourself.




-Your first worm bin will take about two hours to build.  This could be a fun father/son project and you can find all the necessary materials at a local hardware store.   Costs: $10.00 – $25.00


-Although you may be proud of your bin, it certainly won’t be exciting to look at.  It may seem out of place when compared to the other items of your garden.


-Your bin will typically hold between one and two pounds of worms.  Perfect for a little project, but hardly enough to hold the demands of a farm that is trying to recycle household products.




-Agreed, this is somewhat a more costly option.  However, unless you are a science teacher or you are not looking to use your worms for more than mere amusement, this is probably the best option.

Worm bins are compact and can hold 8-10 lbs of worms in one bin.  The bins are odorless and you can easily migrate worms out of the dirt you want to use in your garden simply by not putting food into that container.


-The water drainage of the compost bin will create a fertilizer for your plants and this is conveniently captured through the bins.


-The bins blend in well with the rest of your yard.  They are colored and have a garden feel to them.


I I recommend the Vermihut 5 Tray bin.  This is the best bin for the money.  The Worm Farm 360* is also a great bin, but a little bit more costly and does basically the same thing.


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