Butterfly Garden In Pietermaritzburg

Butterfly garden Pond Butterfly farm Pietermaritzburg

If creating a butterfly friendly garden is your thing then a visit to the butterfly farm in Pietermaritzburg is worth a visit.

In the heart of an industrial area of Pietermaritzburg lies a 6000 sq.m garden, created soley to attract butterflies. To date it has done just that, with over 100 different species of butterflies finding a home in this urban haven.

The Butterfly Garden forms an important part of the Butterflies for Africa complex where the public can view these creatures in their natural environment. More than this, however, the garden aims to create an awareness in vistors of how they can play a part in attracting butterflies to their own gardens and thus help preserve these fragile creatures by growing indigenous plants. Visitors to the garden are constantly surprised that such a venture can exist in the middle of an industrial area. We believe this project is living proof that industry and conservation can exist in harmony. We hope to bring this concept to other industrial areas, creating indigenous, butterfly zones thus moulding a new mindset and encouraging nature to return to previously banished territory.

The Butterfly Nursery allows gardeners to purchase many hard to find butterfly host plants, which will attract butterflies to their gardens. Many of these plants are not available in conventional nurseries. Signs indicate which plants serve as foodplants to which butterflies.

A Map and more details are available on their website at http://www.butterflies.co.za

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