Butterfly Wedding


There are a number of wedding themes that you can do in order to make your wedding something unique.  Examples of these themes are country weddings, Indian weddings and many more.

In his article, you will be able to learn about the butterfly wedding.  This elegant wedding theme is really something to look forward to in these events. 

In a butterfly wedding, it does not mean that if you have to make everything look like a butterfly.  Doing this will just make your wedding look like a children’s party or a bit off.  What you need to do is have make some of the components of your wedding use the butterfly theme.  Maybe you can choose the butterfly color to match your color motif or use it on the invitations.

The mere selection of butterfly will make your event look good because of the variety of colors.  At the same time, it will be better for you to choose different species of butterfly.  Or if you want you can choose the butterfly that stands out among the rest.  You can find the blackouts being used to symbolize the tuxedos of the groom while the colorful ones will be used for the bridesmaid’s apparel.

Choosing the flower that will appeal the most to the butterfly is also a good way to catch the attention of the butterflies.  The species of flowers may vary in color and if it is indigenous to a certain area or not.

And since your theme is a butterfly wedding, you can better attract butterflies by doing the event to a butterfly garden.  In this way, you need not to have additional floral decorations since there are already flowers all around the garden. What you just have to have is the bouquet and other personal accessories of the wedding entourage.

But if it will not be possible for you to go to a butterfly garden, you can just opt to release a group of butterflies instead of pigeons.  Just the same, you would put the butterflies on a cage and you can opt to release the butterfly after the pastor has declared your marriage or you can also have your reception filled with butterflies.  For these theme, you can consult several online companies to give you some advice in dong this theme.

The event is going to be perfect ones the professional photographer that will capture the event would be able to take your photos with the butterflies.  What a pleasant sight right?

The best thing about this theme is that however you use it to your weddings, it will never fail to make your wedding very elegant and with class.  These butterflies would attract a good energy to the wedding, thus evoking luck and elucidating brightness of the aura.

Unique in every way, your wedding will be a talk of the town after using these butterflies.  You have another gateway in escaping the tradition weddings that you have been seeing all your life.  This theme will make your wedding unforgettable for you as well as to your guests.

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