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Garden Tools For Your Low Maintenance Garden

If you have finally decided to put in a little effort to cultivate your backyard and turn it into a low-maintenance garden, then you will require a few basic garden tools to ensure that you get the job done right and fast.

Your low maintenance garden should not require care on a daily basis. The garden should have grass, plants and trees that are sturdy, long lasting and also pleasant to look at. Here are some tools that can help you to construct and maintain your low maintenance garden.

You should first make a detailed plan based on your garden size. If you are planning to lay a lawn, then that area should be demarcated. If you have planned to put in paving stones or walkways, then that too should be clearly specified.

You will then require a small manual lawn mover to trim your grass on a regular basis or if your garden size is slightly bigger, then even a powered one. For your planting needs, you will require a bulb planter or a trowel that will create holes in which you could plant your bulbs. Another basic tool that you would require is a garden spade.

Go in for a stainless steel one even if it slightly costlier since it will not rust at all and also quite easy to clean. A garden fork and a rake will also be required as your plants and trees start growing and shedding leaves and also to loosen any tightly packed soil.

You will also require the right type of gloves during gardening. Cotton gloves are good enough for light work. But if you are planning to do delicate gardening jobs that require your hands to be wet all the time then opt for latex gloves.

These are not only waterproof but also provide for a better feel. If you have to construct a fence to keep out animals and other pests that could damage your garden, then you will also require plastic gloves to paint the fence along with the proper woodworking tools. If you will be working with thorny plants such as roses, then you will require leather gloves that prevent any thorns from piercing your fingers. You will also need a small pair of pruning shears to keep your plants well trimmed.

You will also require a watering can that has a spout for reaching those hard-to-reach places in your garden. Since you might be on your knees as you tend to your plants, it would be a good idea to get a pair of soft knee-pads that will protect your knees from scrapes or any undue pressure.

If your garden is quite large, then you will also require a sturdy-yet-light wheelbarrow to haul any soil, fertilizer or other material around. You will also require a sturdy shovel to remove any debris or shift any soil in your garden.

These garden tools are a basic necessity for any low maintenance garden. Get yourself some high quality tools since you will be storing and using them for years to come. You can find these tools in any local gardening store or even online stores.