Container Gardening Tips for Everyone

All of us, at one time or another, has seen a display of container gardens with flowers or vegetables at a friend’s home or in a nursery center. Many mistakenly think that it took a lot of effort or was done by professionals. That is far from the truth. Container gardens are just as easy as outside gardens and in some way s even easier to maintain. Anyone that loves to garden can plant and raise a container garden even those with limited space, even apartment dwellers. You can create a beautiful garden with just a few container gardening tips.

Start out with a plan. You need to know what you are going to plant, a container garden flower or a container garden vegetable. You may want to concentrate on an herb container garden. It is important to know this so you can choose the right size container for the plants. The number one container gardening tip is to choose a pot that has sufficient space for soil and the plants. Vine type plants will need a large, deep pot to grow over. If you are planning on a large plant you will need a wide passed container for balance. Keep reading, there are more container gardening tips to come. One thing to keep in mind is that you must have adequate drainage in the container that you use. No plant likes to have “wet feet”.

The type of soil you use in your container garden is an issue too. Most experts on container gardening tips say that you should use potting soil. While some gardeners have had success using the soil from their outside gardens, it is not recommended. Potting soil is preferred mainly because it will not compact letting more water to the root system over the growing season. Here it is important to do some research and plant like minded plants together. Your plant groupings should consider water needs, sun needs and fertilization needs.

An essential container gardening tip is to pay attention to the plants watering needs. If you get a very hot streak and your container garden is outdoors on your patio you will need to water daily. If this is your first venture into container gardening, choose drought resistant plants. Plants in container gardens can’t reach out for other avenues of water supplies so it is up to you to make sure they don’t get thirsty.

You will come to love your container garden but plants only last so long. If the plants you are growing in your container garden become less productive change them out. With container gardening you are the one to decide how your gardens will be in bloom. It is true that you can manipulate your plants by moving them around or taking them from the inside to the outside, or vice versa.

There is one thing that you must be diligent about and that is pests. If you find a container that has an infestation, isolate and treat it immediately. Do not use harsh chemicals on the plants. If it is an indoor container garden the chemicals could harm pets or children. Here is a natural pesticide that will keep the bugs in check:

In a jar, combine 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid and 1 cup vegetable oil. Shake vigorously. In an empty spray bottle, combine 2 teaspoons of this mixture and 1 cup water. Use at ten-day intervals (or more often if needed) to rid plants of whiteflies, mites, aphids, scales, and other pests.

Search online or at your local library for additional container gardening tips so that your beautiful container garden is a wild success. Once you have planted one container garden you will be anxious to start more.

Happy Container Gardening!

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