25 thoughts on “Dave’s Garden: Gardening: Tomatoes”

  1. Nice video but to start the seeds inside u don’t need to put them under light u can just set them in a table near a window or something they really don’t need light.

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  3. really nice video man keep it up……does anyone know if i can plant the actual seeds from a tomatoe. since i live in mexico most of them are really natural and thats why i dont need a different species

  4. Wow Just brilliant tips but maybe he should be a bit less philosopheric and a bit more simple? Is that too much to ask or what I dont really mind because I just LOVE tomatoes I dont really care how fat or skinny, dark or light or juicy or dry after all a tomato is a tomato! Or is it?

  5. Nice video, but your cages are too short for heirlooms! I use 5′ to 6′ high cages for my heirlooms.

    For help growing the best tomatoes I suggest-

    .yahoo groups TomatoMania

  6. FYI… if you live in Zone 10 like me, where you don’t really get frost, you need to be careful about planting your tomatoes when it’s too hot. I’ve heard that the plants do not fruit as well once the temperature is above a sustained 85ish degrees.

  7. Whatever vegetables you like to eat I guess. Some grow easier than others, especially in different climates. Around here melons grow like weeds (I had accidentally grew a patch of watermelons by spitting seeds off my pool deck one summer) , but they probably wouldn’t up North. Check online to find out what “zone” your in, and any gardening website should give more detailed help.

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  9. Good Video!
    I never planted a garden, could any of you help me find out what types of vegetables a person should have in a garden. Any and all information will be appreciated! Thanks

  10. I am growing awesome maters,but my cucumbers are coming out round!…what is that about?…and my watermelon’s get going good then turn black on the end…anyone know why this is occuring and how to stop it?

  11. Good video, i posted a video response, i really need some advice on what to do. BTW, i rated this video 5 stars… good tips here.

  12. The new Food Safety Modernization Act will eventually outlaw private gardens. Soon only the giant multinational corporations will control all food and water!

    Raise awareness on this so it never gets passed!

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