22 thoughts on “Easy Vegetable Gardening”

  1. too bad you guys are missing key nutrient found only on store bought produce.. traces of salmonella, pesticide residue, weed killer residue, etc etc hha ha hah ahaha ha

    corporations hate you ha ha ha ha ha

    no sale-no tax

    city will hate you ha ha hah ha

  2. Great video! Cool tips and fun to watch 🙂 Loved the music, too!

    Wishing everyone happy gardening this year!

  3. Nice video. Loaded with lots of great tips. I am growing corn for the first time in my Earthboxes, how do you know when it is time to harvest it?

  4. I just had to ask, have you ever grown peanuts? I started these in containers and you know what? They are the easiest thing to grow, hubby and potbelly pig love peanuts (hubby peanut butter) lol

  5. great video! I’m learning various farming methods, I’ll be combining land, raised bed, container and strawbale gardening (got arthritis in my back) but want to be more self sufficient as I am able.

    Can you make a video on how to root cellar your vegies? I dont have a root cellar, but I have an extra room can you explain the ins and outs of that?

  6. I prefer the no-till method. Less work, less weeds. Looks like a great DVD- thanks for sharing.

  7. so what are you adding in terms of organic material. Once the dung is consumed by the worms what next.

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