Easy Ways To Maintain Drains And Pipes

Drain in the bathrooms and kitchen are often not noticed until some serious problem occurs in them. This problem can however be avoided if you follow some preventive measures to keep you drain running smoothly. In case the problem is serious then you can hire a plumber for solving the problem. But before you call a plumber to solve the problem try to do it yourself by following some simple steps.

Both newly constructed and old house pipes need regular maintenance and care. Check all the pipes in your house two times in a week for any leak or broken connection. It is always better to notice a leak before it becomes serious. This way you can prevent a big damage or an urgent call.

You can also be practical about preventing clogs in your drains and pipes by taking a few minutes every other week to do some simple cleaning. For example, your kitchen sink, will unavoidably suffer some build up of grease and food if you don’t keep the drains clean.

For cleaning your drains, you just require some normal dish wash detergent and boiling water. First of all, pour two spoons of detergent in the drain to be cleaned and then after 10-15 minutes, pass boiling water through the drain. This is a simple process of doing the cleaning that can easily keep your drain smooth.

An old plumbing is more susceptible to any kind of leakage. Therefore, if you have old plumbing then don’t forget to put a bucket or tub under the kitchen sink pipe that will prevent spilling of dirty water on the floor and hence prevents the floor damage.

But what if you already have a clog? Before you call a plumber, try pouring a cup of baking soda into your drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Wait for few minutes and then pour very hot or boiling water in to it. This mixture will break up most ordinary clogs very quickly and won’t harm your pipes like harsh chemical treatments.

If the problem is out of your control then only a plumber or drain cleaner can handle it. In such situations you need to urgently call them. Therefore, keep the information about few good plumbers in advance.

It is always better to have their contact number at your home. Try to keep their number at a place where you can easily reach and this way you can quickly make a call to them in case of emergency.

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