Establishing Your Water Garden


Water gardening is a pleasant hobby especially if your water gardens is blooming with water lilies, hyacinths and lotus are beautifully and pleasingly in good sights. 

Combined with ferns and evergreens and filled with exotic fishes, your water garden becomes charming aquatic garden full of life and beauty. 

Preparing the garden 

Generally, there are two types of water gardens: the formal and informal. 

The type of water garden should harmonize with the home flower garden or with the surrounding premises. 

Concrete pools, tubs and aquariums are artificial water gardens which adds beauty and elegance to a place.

 You should treat your water garden like a well-balance aquarium to maintain clear water. The bottom should be filled with rich clayey soil to provide enough plant food. 

Add sad, fine gravel and rocks on top to prevent the water from having a muddy appearance caused by the movement of fish and other aquatic animals. 

You have to place around the water garden some flower beds, wooden or concrete benches ad sculptured garden ornaments to cast reflections on the water surface. 

Some plants ideal for water garden 

The followings are floating, submerged or semi-aquatic plants that may be grown in water garden. 

1)     Water lily hybrids

2)     Lotus, Nelumbium elumbo 

3)     Umbrella plant 

4)     Water hyacinths 

5)     Pickerel weed 

6)     Quiapo 

7)     Striped corn plant 

8)     Corn plant 

9)     Baston de San Jose 

10) Fragrant dracaena 

11) San Francisco 

12) Aglaonema 

13) Varieties of papua 

14) Varieties of dieffenbachia 

15) Coleus, mayana 

16) Philodendron 

17) Yellow water plant 

18) Wandering Jew 


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