Garden Decor is the Inner-signature of the Backyard Gardener

Most gardeners know that just the right amounts of sunshine & water combined with great soil and hard work bring their backyard oasis to life. Quickly, after the snow melts, the ground thaws and our singing feathered friends return, each spring gardeners across the country look forward to rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty to cultivate their soil to create a garden of their favorite flowers, shrubs and trees.

A gardener’s shovel is to an artist’s brush. A gardener’s choice of colorful flowers, shrubs and trees is to an artist’s collection of paints, pencils and oils. An artist’s signature is to a gardener’s…hmmm?

The choice of garden decor that is placed throughout the landscape is undoubtedly the signature of a gardener. What does that mean? Simply, a gardener that chooses a sailboat weathervane over a rooster weathervane is more likely to be a water loving individual rather than a country/farm loving individual. It’s how they choose to express themselves in the garden.

The garden is an excellent place for one to set aside the hectic lifestyle of today for a moment, a weekend, or anytime that enables you to step into you backyard hide-a-way. The person that you are inside can be expressed with the garden decor you choose. Your choice of garden decor, your choice of its finish and your choice of its size all factor into the person that you are. Garden decor is an essential part of the garden; it brings happiness, joy, and it can even refresh the soul of its visitors.

Even the most colorful gardens can feel empty without the addition of some garden decor. A bed of roses is very beautiful, but add an elegant sundial or a birdbath, and now the bed of roses become incredibly beautiful. Garden decor adds style, brings comfort and let’s gardeners set the stage for another’s imagination. Each piece of garden decor can help create a scene, a story or a memory that brings life and meaning to the garden.

Gardening should always be fun and not a chore. Your passion for gardening is hard work but always fulfilling. Gardening should be about you and your artistic ability to create a space that is warm, inviting and a stepping stone into who you are as a person. Your garden decor will speak volumes of you and how you define yourself. It will be your signature to your backyard canvas!

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