25 thoughts on “Garden Girl TV: Vertical Gardening One(How to Grow Vertically)”

  1. This technique becomes extremely helpful when one may or may not have a plethora of useless dead bodies that one may or may not have accumulated over the years.

  2. i use powdered rock dust from Canadian glaciers mountains.. once you have this others are obsolete.
    and i am a entertainer, even more than a gardener…so i relate to making the stage grow before all else in this clip

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  4. great hair, really wonderful look, nice language, healing yet fun adventurous music, Work With The Voice 10% More, Nice Name Garden Girl : ) , best wishes with the show!

  5. @LitCrit101 Actually I’ve grow a 5 pound pumpkin just holding to the vine. (I’m even showing it in my lastest vid) And it totally grew without touching the ground =)

  6. I remember reading something about the vines being strong and thick enough to hold them.. something like they thicken and strengthen as the melon gets bigger.. something like that.

    I would worry more about the strength of the support.. She is using a dog kennel for the heavy stuff. Which is a cool idea really.

  7. I love your report. I live out on a farm with over 16 acres and I love to grow UP rather then all over. These are great techniques to share.

  8. Aren’t pumpkins and watermelons too heavy to hang from a vine? I can understand cucumbers hanging from a vine that’s on a fence, but a big old pumpkin or watermelon? Won’t that just fall off or drag down the vine?

  9. I though you were going to show how to make the trellis, you use the drill, but how do you put it together?

  10. well, this is a good way the back in the path again, today is a garden in your roof, tomorrow could be a cottage in the fields

  11. why dont people just live off the land instead of covering the world in concrete. Makes no sense. we can live for free of the land without money but they choose live with inorganic methods. its like the government have robbed us of our land and forced us to obey their empire of destructions. every garden that is in you’re house is just artifical and is just soil that has been dumped by a bulldozer unaturally. humans just make hard work for themselves. a proud history gone down the drain

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  13. What is missing is actually educating people on hanging plants upside down on fences, beams & other strong support systems. I have tomato plants in a sealed canvas bag hanging through the bottom, needs lots of water!! seems to grow faster than hydroponics perhaps because the plant doesn’t struggle growing against gravity. The Stock is almost 3 times thicker than the scrawny ground plants as well.

  14. do you get good pumpkins? i thought they needed to have ground warmth under them to produce well.

  15. Seriously! Patti, you’re my new best friend. I haven’t felt this inspired in YEARS! YOU GO GARDEN GIRL!!

  16. I grew watermelons last year on a standard wooden trellis. They were a variety called sugar baby which are about the size of a cantaloupe and are incredibly sweet. They are the expensive ones that you can find in the grocery stores.

  17. Great ideas, but I do wish that when she said she’d show us how she made these that she actually showed us. Maybe the video has been shortened and that part got deleted. Oh, well. I’ll figure it out. Thanks for the ideas!

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