My fiance and I recently moved into our first home. Our grass has finally begun to come up and we were wondering about some ideas on what to plant. We both have full time jobs and not alot of time to work in the garden. Any suggestions? (I really like my yard to be colorful). And if you do have suggestions, could you please give me a step-by-step run-down of how to plant and take care of them?

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  1. I just brought a butterfly mat. It has about 500 seeds in it and it comes complete all you need to do is put it 3/4" in soil(they recommend one with fertilizer already in it) saturate the mat with water, put an 8th of an inch of dirt over it cover it completely and wait for it to grow. It says the flowers will grow in about 2 weeks but no weeding for 3to4 weeks. The flowers will be all different types and very colorful (butterfly’s like these flowers so they will attract them) Some of the flower are Zinnia eklegans, Tagetes erecta, cornflowers, cosmos bipinnatus, and plains coreopis. They all are colorful and either annuals, biennial or perennials. I just planted mine today.

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