My girlfriend and I are wanting to plant a small garden (maybe 6×8). We would like to plant some corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, bannana peppers, strawberries and some cantalope. It’s more of just something to do, but we are gonna eat the vegetables. My question is this: Can all these plants grow in the same type of soil? Are there any precautions that need to be taken? Is it too late to plant any of this stuff? We live in lower Michigan. Any helpful hints are appreciated.

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  1. 6 x 8 might be a large enough space if you utilize wide row gardening techniques. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and cantalope can be grown on a trellis or in cages. Cantalope will need to be cradled to do this. This eliminates sprawl and wasted space.

    Strawberry plants do not need to be grown in the garden, they do make a pretty good landscape. You will need to remove older plants every other year.

    Corn usually does require a larger area for pollination but, you can manually pollinate by shaking the tops once the tassles form.

    The two sites below might give you additional information.

    I planted peas April first (every year) but other plants may have to wait.

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