25 thoughts on “Gardening FAIL”

  1. hehe…catch onea them mf’ers just lost their job or ole lady or sum shit like that and they can out run you? make sure you post that one. hahahahaha you gonna look funny as all monkeyshit swallowing teeth n screaming “waf a doke waf a doke” hahahahaha

  2. Really, you wouldn’t mind getting sprayed by some random gardener, and he gets you all wet, and he keeps spraying on you, I don’t think so.

  3. thats what happens when you fuck round with ppl’s patience you stupid fucks, i hope one day your little joker faggit gets his fucking head smashed in, cause i certainly would aid the person doing it, you dumb fucking wankers.

  4. these peoples reactions
    i luv it when he gets chased
    but really? i wudda fell on the ground laupghing
    mostly cuz i know what hes doing and its for his show

  5. I would have acted like it was funny walked up to him smiling and then sucker punched him right in the face so hard. Fucking punk

  6. i wouldnt mind getting sprayed like the rest of them but when it comes to the guy at 2:35, he straight hosed his head lol.

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