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Every one who is at heart a gardener loves to potter about the garden with at least one of their gardening supplies in hand. For every gardener the list of gardening supplies varies. There are however a few gardening supplies that are staples for every gardener.

For digging a shovel is the most important tool in your gardening supply list. With a shovel you can dig trees and shrubs up. Perennials can also be transplanted with the aid of your shovel. A spade is another item that works well in gardening supply list. A spade will allow you to work in small areas like a well established garden. Another type of spade that you can use in your supply list is that of the spading fork. This tool will let you dig into hard soil and open the ground up for planting.

For cultivating the ground a hoe is a vital tool. The hoe will dig those hard to get weeds out for you. While a mattock on the other hand will let you dig around trees and shrubbery. Both of these are essential gardening supply items.

For prying rocks out of your garden, be they big or medium sized, a prying bar is very good. This gardening tool will let you get those rocks out of your newly tilled bed without straining your back.

Backaches can be part of your gardening routine if you’re lugging mulch, compost or even dirt around in your garden. The answer to this is to have a wheelbarrow in your gardening supply. You must however get a wheel barrow that will do the job well or you will be picking up that dirt from the ground.

In particular gardening gloves are the most important item that a gardener can possess. The process of choosing the right glove can be a little difficult especially if you are new to gardening.
For creating beautiful fertile gardens good quality mulch, nutrient added compost and good dirt or soil is something that every garden needs. To give vegetables and herbs that added zing you should spread the mulch and the compost around the base of plants. This is of course where your wheel barrow garden cart comes in handy.

With all these tools at your disposal you might think that your gardening supply is complete. There is one more item that you need to add as it is very important. That is a watering system for your garden. You can use long nozzled watering cans to give your delicate seedlings a gentle flow of water, or you can use a garden hose where you adjust the nozzle head to give different settings allows you to water just about anything and anybody.

As you can see having a gardening supply that is varied will let you choose the right tool for your gardening needs. These items do not have to be of the expensive variety, they should just last for quite a long time, longer even than your perennials!

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