To garden is to purposefully and thoughtfully create some form of live artwork. Whether the goal is to grow neat little rows of vegetables or to create a delightful visually stimulating environment, gardening is art.

Gardens can be grown nearly anywhere. When one thinks of a garden they typically think of a residential home with a garden in the back yard. The art of gardening has grown well beyond the basics. You can now plant a garden nearly anywhere, rooftops, porches, and patios. People who live on boats are planting gardens in garden boxes. Gardens have become almost non-restrictive and capable of growing anywhere a person can contain dirt.

Indoor herb garden have become increasingly popular with the rising interest in alternative medicine. Vegetable gardens as well have become more popular than ever with the keen interest the public has in organic foods.

Gardening is an art form that can be a solitary practice or a family affair, depending on the garden and the level of people’s interest. Even those who aren’t gardening enthusiasts will typically at least have a garden as it is very “modern” to do so. Gardens enhance properties, increase property value, and provide a centering activity for those who enjoy the process. Most gardeners say that they do it for a sense of peace.

Children make enthusiastic gardeners. They love to watch their creations grow, and they can literally see the effects of their efforts. While most plants require a little patience, gardens tend to not require enough patience that children quickly lose interest in their gardening projects.

Gardens help to replenish the earth, giving back just a little bit of what we take out of it every year through construction and development. Gardens at the very least return a small percentage of the foliage we destroy annually.

There is remarkable beauty in a garden. People will drive great distances to look at some of the world’s more luxurious gardens. Their peaceful and colorful effects attract people of all ages. The older an individual gets, the more precious the ability to go outside and garden becomes. This mild form of exercise can help an older individual stay fit and healthy, encouraging plenty of fresh air and an appropriate amount of physical exertion.

Gardens beautify the earth, create pleasant and stimulating atmospheres, and bring gardeners of all ages a sense of joy and even wonder. Learning to have a green thumb can be a remarkably rewarding experience. Gardens are universal and can offer people with nothing in common a solid base to understand each other.

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