Go Green With Worm Farming Today

Worm farming is a fantastic approach to boost your garden and cease throwing out yourkitchen garbage. That’s right, your utilized coffee grounds, watermelon rinds and banana peels can assist your tomatoes, peppers and eggplants grow faster, stronger and larger. When your kitchen garbage is eaten and digested by worms, they turn it into an organic and potent plant supplement known as worm castings. Begin a worm compost bin right now and you’ll generate a steady supply of rich, brown fertilizer high in nutrients and free of dangerous chemicals. Your flower and vegetable gardens will thrive and you’ll save cash.

The very first thing you’ll need to start worm farming is a bin. You’ll be able to make your own worm bin from one of those plastic or rubber storage bins. This how my wife began her vermiculture experiment. She had me drill a few holes in the side of the bin so her worms get plenty of air. You are able to cover these holes with little pieces of window screen, fine mesh cheese cloth or some thing similar to keep the fruit flies out. I just utilised a 1/64 inch drill and that was little enough. I did drill lots of holes. Drill 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of your worm farming bin so it can drain and keep the castings from getting so wet that your worms drown.

The home produced bin worked okay and it is possible to get away with that if you choosewant. This Christmas, nevertheless, I bought my wife a commercial worm farming bin. It didn’t really cost much and it functions very much better. It’s made to keep out fruit flies and includes a spigot at the bottom to drain the worm tea. Worm tea will be the super nutrient rich liquid created by the worms. Set a cup or two of this nutritious, organic fertilizer inside your watering can, fill the can with water and water as usual.

Prior to putting your worms inside the bin you will need some bedding. Shredded newspapers work great. The bedding should be moist but not soggy. Use a spray bottle to maintain the bedding just right for your worms. Newspapers are readily obtainable and also you possibly have a stack of them in your house already.

Place some dirt within the bin too. It doesn’t take a good deal but worms don’t have teeth. They have to have some grit to help in grinding up their food and digesting it. You’ll be able to also use rock dust or powdered limestone, but typical dirt from the yard will work excellent.

Have we forgotten anything? Worms! You won’t get far worm farming with out worms. Earthworms out of your garden won’t do the job. Earth worms have to stay in soil. Worm composting or vermiculture worms are known as red wigglers. They will appreciate the environment that you’ve designed inside your worm bin. How many must you acquire? That depends on the size of one’s bin. The worm to garbage ratio is normally 2:1. That tells us that if you’re planning to put a half pound of garbage into the bin on a daily basis, you then have to start using a pound of worms.

Peek into your bin everyday at when you first start to ensure that you get off to a great start. Maintain the bedding moist and the bin should stay in a spot that’s about 60 to 70 degrees. Several worm farmers set their bin inside the garage or the basement, even the kitchen when it’s too cold. Fortunately, we are living in Southern California and are able to leave our worms outside throughout the winter. When the weather is warm, keep your worm bin in the shade as the summer sun can cook all of the worms. Your worm bin must not smell. If it does, you then likely have to have some more bedding.

Beginning a worm farm is a great project for everybody within the household. Get your kids involved, they’ll appreciate watching these little worms wiggle around your bin. Worm bins are excellent times for the whole family and wonderful for the garden too.

Watch the videos and learn more about worm farming at Worm Farming Today. For more helpful gardening tips, visit Garden Paradise Ideas.

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