Great Gifts For The Avid Gardener

If there’s a gardener on you list to buy for this holiday season you have quite a bit to choose from. Any gardener would appreciate reference guides or other garden related books. They’ll also appreciate a quality garden tool or a bag to organize and carry them. Add decor to a yard with a garden accent such as a sundial. Allow your friends keep their feet dry in the garden with a pair of clogs.

Pruners are an essential part of the gardener’s tool collection. As a landscape professional, I know the value of well made garden tools. They’re the difference between a pleasurable gardening experience and frustration. Qualities to look for in a pruner are reliable, sturdy construction and a soft grip.

Garden Bag Gift Sets are great way for the avid gardener to organize and carry tools. Since a garden bag carries sharp tools, choose one that is well made and easy to carry. Some garden bags will include some products to add to your collection of tools such as towels and hand rakes.

Garden clogs are wonderful since they provide protection for the gardener’s feet while in the garden. Along with keeping feet dry, a pair of soft clogs are comfortable enough wear all day while working in the garden. Waterproof clogs are also easy to clean up.

Garden benches can transform someone’s garden or patio into a sanctuary. They’re great as they allow you rest and view the landscape. Choose a bench which will add character to the garden as well as a place to relax. Garden benches can be traditional or modern. Benches made from eco-friendly, weather-resistant wood are long lasting and age beautifully.

Birdbaths are an attractive way to enhance a garden or turn a backyard into a wildlife habitat. Depending on the type, birdbaths can either be hung from a branch of a tree or placed on a stand in the garden. Styles can vary from very simple and modern to ornate and decorative. If the water will freeze in the winter where you live, consider including an ice melting device so the birds have adequate water in the winter.

Sundials are classic garden decor. A decorative one, such as a Butterfly Sundial, is perfect for any garden. Decor such as this gives character to the garden and helps make it unique.

The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants is great for gardeners seeking specific plant information or general gardening advice. It covers 15,000 trees, shrubs, climbers, perennials, annuals, rock plants, bulbs, and succulents. It’s an ideal reference guide for those who want descriptions of popular plant species.

Garden Gloves are essential when pruning roses, raspberries or other thorny shrubs. Look for gloves that provide a balance between dexterity and protection. Leather or canvas usually provide the best protection.

Gardeners are generally easy to please and patient. Any of the gifts listed above are sure to put a smile on their face.

Tim Birch is the publisher of, a garden resource website. Visit Garden Listings for more great Garden Giftideas.

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