Growing Orchids Indoors – 3 Important Tips To Help Your Orchids Flourish

Orchids are one of the most beautiful plants in the world and it is upsetting if they are not flourishing in your care.

Below are three of the most important areas to monitor when looking after orchids. These will by no means guarantee you a beautiful orchid bloom, but it will keep your plant healthy.

1. Orchids And Water – It is very easy to over water an orchid, and your orchid will soon show that it is unhappy. An orchid does not need watering daily, once every five days will probably be sufficient, and they can survive for up to two weeks without water. Different orchids will however have different requirements, so make sure you know as much as possible about your plant.

When the days are shorter and darker your orchid will probably not need as much water, so expect to change your orchid care with the seasons.

2. The Sun Can Harm Your Orchid – Orchids need sun, but it’s easy for them to get too much direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause dark spots to appear on the leaves of the plant or it is possible that the leaf will still look healthy, but the deep green tone will start to fade.

Think bright sunlight rather than direct sunlight, the difference may seem slight to you, but to an orchid we are talking life or death.

3. Orchids And Infestations – Seeing your beautiful orchid covered in small insects is upsetting. Although they may seem to have appeared overnight the reality is that they have been around for some time. By taking good daily care of your orchid you should be able to avoid pests.

Dead leaves can be a cause of pests. The pests will breed in the leaves as they start to go damp on the soil. Maintenance of the environment of your orchid is important.

Overall, a happy, healthy orchids needs regular attention and the correct environment to flourish.

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