Healthy Herbs: Cayenne

Cayenne, also known as Capsicum, is one of the most important herbs for health and wellness I know of. It should be on the “must have” list of anyone who uses herbs for remedies or general health.

You’ll often find Cayenne combined with other herbs, because it acts as a catalyst, which stimulates your body to heal faster. Stimulation is a key factor in healing your body, and if Cayenne is taken regularly it can reach every part of your body: Helping with healing, cleansing, and having everything begin to function normally.

Cayenne is very high in Vitamin C, and that makes it a great choice for taking when you feel a cold coming on. I tend to mix it with an herbal antibiotic when treating the flu or infections, because it helps resolve the problems much more quickly.

Cayenne is also a wonderful herbal choice for improving circulation. The entire circulatory system in fact, is helped with this herb because it feeds the cell stucture of arteries, veins, and capillaries, and this in turn helps them to regain elasticity.

In addition, Cayenne helps regulate the flow of blood, and normalize blood pressure. The blood pressure regulation makes it an excellent herbal choice for either high or low blood pressure problems. Taking Cayenne will not increase your heart rate, but it will strengthen your pulse within minutes of taking it.

Cayenne has actually been used to treat shock victims, or prevent people from going into shock. And it stops bleeding. The powder can actually be taken for internal bleeding, or poured on an external wound to stop bleeding too.

I’ve used Cayenne for several of the above noted purposes in the last 20 years. I’ve found for instance, that as I get older I tend to have problems with my arms and hands “going to sleep” – particularly at night because I have a habit of laying on them while sleeping.

Simply by taking a Cayenne pill before bed, my circulation is improved immensely and I don’t have the problems in my arms and hands all night long.

I’ve also used Cayenne to stop bleeding many times over the years. When you have kids at home you know there’s almost always an accident of some kind right around the corner. It’s a very simply process though, to just sprinkle Cayenne on a bleeding wound to make it stop. I’ve never tried it with any large, massive sized wounds – I’d rush to the hospital for something like that – but I have successfully used Cayenne to stop all kinds of bleeding. It’s particularly helpful when nothing else seems to work.

Putting Cayenne on a wound will feel warm, but it won’t create any burns or blisters and doesn’t generally cause additional pain. Treating wounds this way also helps stimulate healing as well as stopping the bleeding too.

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