How to Create a Worm Farm

How to Make a Worm Farm

The advantages of building a worm farm are so numerous, it would take a day to simply list them. The most common advantages that are listed by experienced farmers are a cleaner environment, a huge savings at home, as well as starting a hobby that is relatively low maintenance and free to start. There are a few aspects you need to get right in order to be successful at worm farming.

To begin, a worm farm basically runs off the garbage that is generated by normal, day to day living inside of a house. By letting the worm farm dispose of it instead of sending it to the dump, you are essentially cutting out hundreds of pounds of landfill every year. In addition, you will never have to pay someone to take out the garbage again. Additionally, if you fish, you’ll never have to pay for fish bait again. In fact, since worms reproduce at an alarming rate, many worm farmers sell their excess worms for fish bait at a great price.

A worm farm is essentially free to start. You can use an empty shell like an empty refrigerator or freezer to start the worm farm. The only requirement is that the container is sealable, yet can breathe. If you plan on putting the warm farm in the ground outdoors, this prevents the chemicals that are generated from the decomposition of the garbage from seeping into the ground. While they are not toxic, they could seep into and ruin the ground water.

Next, you have to dig a hole deep enough that you can fit the refrigerator into the hole and it can sit in there with the lid barely above ground. Do not worry if there are holes in the appliance, as they will help in drainage of rain water.
Lastly, you should put the garbage, particularly composted garbage, like newspapers and banana peels, into the emptied appliance. Finally, put the worms in, which you can find in the ground, and there you have your worm farm! There is very little maintenance you need to perform in order to keep the farm sustained.

Written by Glen Buchanan, How to Make a Worm Farm. Discover how to create your own DIY Worm Farm with minimal effort and cost.

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