Insect Lore Butterfly

When looking for another method of teaching children about nature, look at the selections for an Insect Lore Butterfly product.  Butterflies have enthralled and delighted people for thousands of years and have been depicted in artwork from these centuries past as well.  They are fascinating additions to the planet, and their metamorphosis is one of the most incredible transformations that children and adults alike will enjoy.  There are a variety of butterfly gifts and products to select as gifts or educational projects.


Butterfly Gardens


One of the most fascinating products is a butterfly garden.  This is an enclosed mesh pavilion that provides a home to the creatures as they metamorph from the eggs, to the larvae, through the construction of the chrysalis, and the emergence of the beautiful adult butterfly.  These come with instructions for the care and feeding of the creature through all the stages of its transformation.  They come in a variety of sizes and designs that are perfect for the classroom or a home.


Books and DVDs


 A variety of books about butterflies are available for both young and old.  There are delightful stores about these butterflies, and educational books about these interesting creatures and the various species that are found across the planet.  There are also several selections that help students identify the difference between moths and butterflies and their native regions.  There are also a variety of books that providing great ideas for activities involving butterflies that are excellent for teachers seeking new project ideas.


There are also varieties of DVDs that provide the students with a lot of information about butterflies and other insects.  These help the students identify the various species of these stunning creatures, and discusses their transformation and feeding habits.




Many people, both young and old, enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles, and they have a variety of puzzles that portray various species of butterflies, moths, and other species.  Some puzzles depict the anatomy of the butterflies, while others show the species, and life cycle of this beautiful living thing.


Food and Butterfly Feeders


Most communities find those who enjoy having butterflies around their homes and will purchase food and feeders that will help attract these wonderful beings.  The food contains various types of nectar that attracts a variety of species.  There are also a variety of feeders that people can purchase to attract the butterflies.


Live Caterpillars


This company provides the caterpillars that can be placed in the butterfly pavilions so that the students can observe the metamorphosis of these creatures.  Typically, these will turn into Monarch or Painted Lady butterflies.  There are also instructions for feeding the caterpillars and plants for gardens that attract the butterflies after they are released.




One gift that children who enjoy butterflies will love are posters of the beautiful Painted Ladies and Monarch butterflies.  These posters are excellent illustrations of these stunning creatures and are perfect for the child’s bedroom or even the classroom.

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