Is it Necessary to Hire a Specialist to Remove a Tree?

Lush mature trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, but sometimes they become damaged or diseased, creating a hazard that can cause damage to your property or that of your neighbor’s. While often planted with a vision in mind, these specimens often grow to sizes where they may become an obstruction that must be removed. Though it may be tempting to simply cut down the offending tree yourself, the potential damage you could cause as well as the possibility of injuring yourself or others makes it well worth the money to hire a specialist.

Branches are heavy and must be removed prior to cutting down the dead or diseased plant. For higher branches, it is often necessary to use a truck with a lift to safely reach and remove them. Most often, removing a large tree safely will require a team effort. Experienced specialists can determine the best and safest method for your specific situation.

Licensed professionals should be fully insured and bonded. This means that if your property or that of a neighbor’s suffers damage as a result of a tree removal, their insurance will cover repair costs. Should you tackle this project yourself and cause damage in the process, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover it — leaving you with a costly repair bill.

While in many cases a tree must be completely removed, frequently if problems are caught early enough, your prized landscape centerpiece can be treated and saved. A professional arborist can assess the problem and hopefully suggest some options. Together, you can evaluate the pros and cons of each option. If you’re sure that cutting the tree down must be done, most experienced landscapers specialize in this service as well.

Arborist, also known as tree doctors are true experts. They are trained in diagnosing any problems, spotting where potential problems could arise and helping you solve those issues before they become a big problem. They are trained in pruning and other types of regular maintenance and care. Without regular care, some landscape specimens can become internally weakened, making branches more ready to fall and cause damage during a storm. Regular care can prevent some of the problems that would leave your tree susceptible to insect or mold infestations or other diseases.

Hiring a licensed removal specialist, be it a landscape company or an arborist, may not be free, but it can potentially save you money in repairs later. While landscapers may or may not possess the same know-how to diagnose complicated problems that arborists possess, most landscapers offer professional removal at prices that are often lower than that of arborists.

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