Is Your Garden Ready for the Year Ahead?

When spring and summer arrive, for gardening enthusiasts everywhere that means gardens are sprouting greenery and flowers of all kinds. Is your garden ready for the two most fruitful seasons of the year?

If you haven’t already prepared your garden for spring and summer planting, now is the best time. You’ll need a basic set of tools to get started, and you can always expand based on how much you plan to garden and what type of garden you hope to achieve. To begin, every garden needs seeds, soil and plant food; and you’ll initially want to plant the seeds out of the ground – so you’ll need small, aerated planting pots.

When buying seeds, ensure you make your selection based on plants that thrive in spring and summer. After all, there are many plants that are seasonal to winter and autumn – so you’ll want to make sure you’re not planting those seeds just yet. When picking your seeds, you might also want to choose plants that either grow well side by side, or which will give you the look you want in your garden. For instance, you’ll want to veer away from planting – at least within close vicinity of each other – a plant that grows close to the ground, and one that grows up and overtakes the ground quickly. Organising your planting in such a way will help ensure all your plants thrive in your garden this summer.

Another thing to keep in mind with regard to basic planting materials is that not all soil is suitable for new planting. For instance, if the soil in your garden is very course or full of rocks, it might inhibit the seeds from growing – if this is the case, you might need to mix in new, softer soil.

Once you have your basic gardening supplies, you’ll want to invest in a few gardening tools for yourself. Every gardener should have a hat to keep the sun out of their eyes, gloves to protect their hands, and possibly a low stool or bench to sit in while gardening to protect their back. However, if you prefer to get on the ground when gardening, there are also a range of kneeling pads available to protect your knees. You’ll also want a set of basic hand tools like a weeding fork, a cultivator and a trowel.

Finally, once you’ve acquired all the basic tools for gardening, you might want to consider gardening accessories and decorative items – such as mini fountains, bird feeders, tiny statues or labels for each of your plants. Items like these will help you give your garden a unique and personalised touch!

If you haven’t prepared your garden for spring and summer planting, it’s not too late. You can source and buy everything you need quickly and easily – whether you require basic gardening items such as seeds and soils, or decorative and novelty garden accessories.

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