Lawn Fertilizing Done Right

Lawn maintenance for any sized yard can take up the better part of a day, if not two. A homeowner can spend countless hours weeding, cutting and feeding their lawn or they can choose to use a professional service and free up some of their time. This time may be better spent on home projects or even getting away for a bit.

Lawn fertilizing and aerating is a time consuming process that must be done right in order to be effective. This takes the proper equipment to spread the fertilizer and to aerate the lawn. If done wrong, the lawn can actually be damaged, instead of helped to grow and this defeats the entire purpose.

Aeration requires proper equipment and training in its use, which is something very few homeowners have access to. Proper lawn aeration removes plugs from the lawn at precise intervals to allow the soil to accept more water and nutrients to aid in rapid growth. Proper aeration can also give the grass room to grow and expand its coverage.

Proper aeration techniques can help the lawn expand and grow by breaking up harmful thatch. The thatch that sits on the surface can cause much needed water and fertilizer to be blocked from reaching the grass underneath. Thatch can also become a home for grass eating bugs and fungus that can harm the lawn.

Fertilizing is the only way to properly feed the lawn rather than hoping that what nature provides is going to be enough. By using a lawn care service that actually tests the soil first, they can determine what it is missing. Once this has been decided, they can then add the proper amount of whatever is missing to aid in growing the perfect lawn.

Using one company to provide both aerating and fertilizing services will allow them to get to know your lawn. They will determine the frequency of treatments most effective for the lawn and they will be able to keep an eye on the lawns progress throughout the year. In addition, many companies provide a discount should a homeowner request multiple services throughout the year. There really is no better way to go than using a professional lawn care company to provide both aerating and lawn fertilizing services.

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