Lawn Fertilizing Has Many Different Benefits

Lawn fertilizing can make a good lawn bette,r and a better lawn great. Fertilizers add much needed nutrients into the soil to promote healthy grass roots for a strong, durable lawn that will look great the whole year through. Whether this is done professionally or by the homeowner, it is an important part of having a great looking yard.

Fertilizers are an intricate part of any lawn maintenance program. They give the lawn what the soil may be lacking in the way of nutrients and may be used to filling some of the barer spots in a yard when accompanied by grass seed. These feed the weaker spots and help maintain those that are already healthy.

Fertilizer serves a few purposes when it comes to lawn care. It helps to balance the amount of the proper nutrients that the lawn needs without shortchanging any of the areas. It can also be used to help fight some of the damage cause by insects and fungus that may be found in the yard.

Natural nutrients found in soil may not always be in large enough quantities for all the grass to get enough. Some may leech down further into the soil, out of reach of the grass roots. The phosphorous and nitrogen found naturally in soil needs to be replenished in order for the lawn to flourish.

Organic fertilizer is being used more and more by environmentally conscious homeowners. This may be produced at home by means of a compost heap or purchased at a garden or home improvement center. The pH level should be in the range the yard needs and this can be found on the side of the bag near the ingredients.

Lawn fertilizing helps to replenish all the nutrients that the weather and time have removed from the area. The best way to spread the fertilizer will be with a push-style spreader that can be found at any local garden center or home improvement store. This will ensure that the entire yard gets its equal share of fertilizer for a perfectly even lawn.

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