Learn How to Feed Hummingbirds at Home.

You can do various things to your garden to make it hummingbird friendly and attract more of these birds. Even if you stay in the city’s middle and didn’t have any luck getting these birds in the past, you can soon have them around your garden by following some simple steps.

Setting up hummingbird feeders is a great way to attract them. The feeders should be filled with artificial sugar water solution made at home. Some red flowers can be hanged on a basket or planted near the feeders. This will make it easier for the birds to find the feeders, as they will be attracted to the red flowers. It should be remembered that these birds only rely on sites to find their food source as they do not have any sense of smell.

The hummingbirds are attracted to the red color, so any feeder having red on it will attract the birds. If your feeder doesn’t have the red color, an artificial red flower can be tied to the feeder and stay away from using the red food coloring in the sugar water which is harmful to them. You must also remember that the hummingbirds are very territorial. Male hummers may show their dominance by hovering or chasing away the other hummers from their feeders. So you can add other hummingbird feeders to your garden and thereby attract more of these birds.

If you notice molds on your feeder, you have to scrub them out with a bottle brush. If you are unable to reach them with the brush, adding some sand and water and shaking the feeder will remove these molds. You should never try to clean the feeders with harsh detergent or soaps as the birds do not like any traces of soap left in the feeder. Hot water should be used to rinse out the feeder each time the nectar is changed. A little amount of white vinegar can also be used with the water for rinsing.

Hummingbirds are habitual creatures and will be discouraged from returning to the feeders in your garden if the nectar is bad. Thus, it is important to keep the feeders clean as sugar water ferments in hot weather. The feeders have to be cleaned every 2-3 days using hot water with a little amount of white vinegar instead of soap. The hummingbirds don’t like soap traces left in the nectar. You should also remember to clean not only the bottle, but also the bottom and ports of the feeder.

Never try using artificial sweeteners or honey for feeding the hummingbirds. The quick fermentation of honey in the feeder can cause sores in the birds’ mouth or promote a fatal fungal disease. You have to clean the feeders and change the nectar solution every 3-4 days, or more frequently if the weather is hot. Use a good bottle brush to clean the inside of your feeder if any mold formation occurs. Some sand and water can also be added inside the feeder and shaken to remove these molds. Instead of using soaps and detergents, you can use hot water with little white vinegar to wash and rinse the feeders, as the birds do not like any traces of soap.

Planting some of the favorite plants of hummingbirds will also attract them to your garden. Some of these plants include honeysuckles, petunias, trumpet vine, fuchsias, lilacs, bee balm, geraniums, manzanita, azaleas, butterfly busch, mimosa, columbine, salvia and Indian paintbrush. You can ask your local nursery or garden store for the other plants which grow well in your area. Do not use pesticides on these plants as they can sicken or kill the hummers, if ingested.

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