Lesotho – Make a Keyhole Garden

A great little video made in Lesotho, showing how a group of schoolchildren made a keyhole garden. The charity Send a Cow showed them how to make it and the children can now make their own at home and have more food. Please support us and help more people farm sustainably – you can use www.sendacowgifts.org.uk and you can make one of your own by looking at www.sendacow.org.uk/africangardens

10 thoughts on “Lesotho – Make a Keyhole Garden”

  1. Me and the guy below built a keyhole garden in northeast philadelphia. Come by the house and take a look at it. Theres alot of herbs and veg growning already.

  2. I was inspired enough by this video to go out and build a keyhole garden. It came out way better than I thought it would. I built the foundation out of slate I found in my local park. The keyhole garden also looks quite nice on my lawn too. Will post a response video once I start growing vegetables.

  3. that is a very smart,way to grow things in all weather conditions.And they are in a very lucky location with no landmines,so it is safe for gardening and growing environmentally!

  4. How about you join hyperlocavore – a free yard sharing community – google us ( no links allowed here)

  5. What wonderful work! I will show it over on our site and hope people are inspired to grow more food together!

  6. This is such a great idea. If I had a yard of my own, I’d make one of these gardens.

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