Live Butterfly Garden: Teaching Children About Nature

Science and nature are a very big part of our lives. Children are like sponges and they love to learn through action. You can easily teach your child about nature and science by going on outings to parks and ponds. Show your child how the birds are collecting twigs for their nest or how the tadpoles are going to transform to frogs. The more interesting and exciting you make learning the more they will retain.

The live butterfly garden is one of my favorite ways to teach children about nature and science. Children love the live butterfly garden because they get to experience nature first hand. With it they are able to see the life of a caterpillar and more importantly let the butterfly go after a few days.

I have a friend who every year in the early spring she buys her nieces a butterfly garden so they can watch them grow. About three days after the butterflies emerge, they all get together and all set the butterflies free.

The girls have not only learned about nature but they have also learned that sometimes it is necessary to let go of the things you love. Plus the memories will last a lifetime.My son’s preschool had a live butterfly garden and he liked it so much that that was all I heard about for weeks.

So what does a live butterfly garden entail?

A live butterfly garden comes with a mesh cage and 5-6 larvae that will turn into caterpillars and then into butterflies. All of the food that will be needed is provided.

Then what?

The children get to watch the whole process of how caterpillars turn into butterflies. It is truly amazing to kids how a caterpillar can change from something that crawls around to something beautiful that can fly. This really gets kids imaginations going.

The butterfly garden offers children a close up of the entire process but it is not the only way to teach your child. Teaching your child about nature should be fun and exciting but it does not have to cost a thing.

Would your child love to have a live butterfly garden kit?

Children of all ages love to watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies with the live butterfly garden kit. If you want a live butterfly garden for your child click to get the best deal.

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