Secret Garden – Nocturne

Secret Garden – Nocturne * VIDEOCLIP * EUROVISION 1995 WINNERS Lyrics: La Dagen fa Sin Hvile Na ognatten vil vake for den Nocturn Se morket mã Engang forga Sa natten kan fade en dag Translation: Now lat day Just slip away So the dark night May watch over you Nocturne Though darlmess lay It will give way When the dark night Delivers the day

25 thoughts on “Secret Garden – Nocturne”

  1. the first time i heard this song was when i was learning the waltz dance decade ago.. i danced the slow waltz to this melody, and it is perfect music for that. the female violinist of irish roots, she is pretty; the norwegian singer, she is beautiful; this song, a mix of irish and norwegian, mystical, has beauty of its own.

  2. Steve 88001: How many times do you have to write the same sentence over and over again (that this is Babylonian music)? Even if you think there are similarities this IS contemporary European music. Besides there are no people alive from 585 BC to tell you that you are correct, which makes your claim sound really weird.

  3. It’s Irish-Norwegian in it’s roots…It sounds like some extremely beautiful and mystical Celtic fairy-world to me,l’ve always thought of it to be some Celtic ballad .Traditional Irish influence seems huge here.Truly beautiful.

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