Silver Spring Landscaping Make A Plan

When thinking of Silver Spring Landscaping it is wise to take time to plan and structure right at the start so as to begin saving time and money later on. Go for plants, structures and of course ground coverings and anything that will help save time when trimming, watering, weeding, painting and mowing.

As for tools and materials all you need initially is a few reference books containing information on plants for landscaping etc., and of course pencil and paper. Decide how much time you have available to spend on maintenance at various times of the year.

It’s a good idea to make a list in the beginning of all the various chores you will be involved in through the seasons. How will you use the area of yard available? What do you really want to change and how? You will certainly be involved in a lot of watering, pruning, weeding, drainage, and not forgetting the good old lawn mowing!

How do you plan to develop your garden? Will it be focused on certain elements of landscaping or of a more general nature? If you are planning the latter you may be hosting kiddies play, barbecues, vegetable growing, floral borders, and much more. The type of ground surface you have is important here since if you have been cursed with hard unyielding soil for example, many of the above activities will be severely curtailed.

It is a good idea to draw a rough map of the existing yard features such as where the trees, outbuildings, covered services, shrubbery and fencing are placed. Take note of proximity to neighbours, unsightly areas, slopes and body parts that may need draining. Needless to say be aware of light and shade especially. That alone can make a huge difference to the success or otherwise of your landscaping.

Make a rough sketch of your yard area as it is presently, and draw in where and what the features are. Draw in the fencing, pathways, outbuildings, where all the shrubs and trees are situated and where steep and rough areas are placed. Drainage and the amount of light and shade you have over the land is also of crucial importance.

If you follow the above points carefully, plan your plan and work your plan you will save much time and money and peace of mind in your desire to achieve success in Silver Spring landscaping this year.

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