Starting a Butterfly Garden

For your butterfly garden design there are endless possibilities to discover. A few suggestions can already help you to get started with it. The idea behind these suggestions is getting the creative process activated and get you started on your way to create a lovely butterfly garden.

Just, before you start go and get some ideas about which species of butterflies are lingering around in your area. Explore your location while taking a hike around, probably with a butterfly identification book in your hands. Although it takes some time as well as effort you will treasure the final result. After you have detected the species of butterflies prepare a list. Also make notes about what these specific species of butterflies use for nectar and food plants.

Make sure that your garden is located in a way that provides six hours of sunlight a day as a minimum. Butterflies like it more hwere they are warm and sheltered, as they are coldblooded creatures.

As wind is the butterflies worst enemy, consider plenty of wind protection in your butterfly garden design as well. Tall shrubs or other plants arranged in a way to create a wind break will protect them and give them shelter. Although a location that avoids heavy winds is even better.

Most desirable the butterfly garden would be located on the sunny side of the home with windbreaks on west and east sides or wherever the dominating winds come from in your area. To be able to view the butterflies lingering in your garden from indoors, try to locate it close to a window. Consider to provide some seating outside as well.

In addition and if possible, you can excavate an area in your garden and build a stone wall around it which could make a ideal shelterbelt for your butterflies. To prevent walking in mud also think of gravel or crushed rock pathways around your garden.

You will discover a lot more creative ideas for designing your butterfly garden. Just take your time to design a garden that you will enjoy and be proud of.

Piedro Molinero is a hobby gardener sharing his experience at DIY Gardening Tips.

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