Survival Gardening Part 1 peak oil, food storage, TSHTF

In a new series of video we discuss and will show methods of gardening “when it counts.” The first 3 short videos detail some of the pitfalls and perils to the common survival/preparedness thinking of “when my storage food runs out I’ll just grow a garden.” Intermixed throughout the first three videos are also invaluable tips on gardening and food production for the homestead, survival retreat or backyard in suburbia. The first step in planning to truly grow your own food is to recognize the factors working AGAINST you, so you can plan accordingly. If your interested in being able to feed yourself from your own labor either now or after an economic collapse, peak oil, etc. then you should view these video. Prepare, preparedness, survival, survivalist, peak oil, economic collapse, war, terrorism Survival Gardening Basics Part 1

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  1. I’m glad to see a person who I take to be largely conservative in his outlook endorses peak oil. There seems to be a view amongst some bloggers that Peak Oil is a liberal conspiracy. I refer you to watch?v=FuzSqOgDbV0 . This individual thinks oil is produced from and non-fossil abiotic source.

  2. I agree with you that if a person has not raised their food for year to year they will not be able to survive from a garden. They may hit a few good years and just make it, but all it takes is one failed crop. You can tell a false survivalist from one that is real. A false one will tell you that you can do it easily; that they have been raising their own food for years and never had a problem. People who actually do raise their own food have had tons of problems they had to learn to overcome.

  3. @myleghurts100 In these parts potatoes, carrots and onions are all cold weather crops. Also they are all considered root crops. Being one “type” of crop you would need to get some other crops in their for rotation of the soil also. If you grow the same thing in the same place over and over you have massive problems with bugs, disease, etc.

  4. i think the best crop would be sweet potatoes or just normal potatoes and carrots and onions

  5. Def. agree experience is one of biggest factors along with things such as soil and rainfall.
    Concerning the video and other comments , I disagree strongly that corn is not one of the best survival crops. It is neither high maintenance nor low yielding if you know what you’re doin, adequate spacing, rotation, etc. Its the highest yielding traditional grain and served innumerable people very well, it practically settled a big part of this country, but those folks had plenty of experience.

  6. If you’re still interested in a grain crop like corn and corn isn’t working out for you, try looking for OP seeds for grain sorghum.

    It’s one of the easiest plants to grow and is very adaptable; it can stand droughts, low temperatures, extreme heat, and infertile, poor quality soil.

    Another bonus is that it can be popped like popcorn!

  7. I’m interested to known if anyone has tried a cold weather/winter version of the three sisters garden guild. What vegetables etc

  8. @permalove1 By the time corn will get to a decent size here it’s so hot the peas will be done. The beans we usually plants are bush type. We have done this in the past with climbing beans though. It’s a good concept.

    So many concepts in this sort of thing don’t mess together well. For example free ranging chickens. Great idea and we do it where possible. However they will tear up your garden, scatter your compost pile, scatter the manure from under the rabbits, etc. Catch 22 on some stuff.

  9. Have you tried growing the 3 sisters guild? (along the lines of your soybean idea).
    The three plants grow better together than they do separately.
    Peas/beans fix nitrogen and use the corn for trellis, while the squash is a living mulch and conserves water by shading the ground. Increased diversity reduces the problem of crop failure. The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) used this strategy successfully over a long period of time.

  10. thanx 4 these videos, they have certainly helped me, and gave me some food for thought, if you’ll pardon the play on words. I will make sure the attic, shed etc are well stacked with various foods avoiding putting my eggs all in one basket, ie. in terms of gardening. time for me to educate myself, b4 the problems begin.

    thank you 🙂

  11. @patkane50 you don’t sound crazy at all not only does the gov not care for it’s people they want to kill thier people. population reduction to kill 90% of the people is thier goal.

  12. The only way to be fully prepared as far as growing plants is concerned is to practice, practice, practice. When researching what types of fruit and vegetables will be grown, think about what your family will need for an entire year.

  13. i am growing my corn in the spring with beans and squash its called the 3 sisters.
    I have decided to use the permaculture method of growing.

  14. Hi I just received the seeds I bought from: bepreparednow. net They were only $44.99 with free shipping. It has 27 varieties of NON hybrid seeds and it is sealed in a Mylar Bag. It was the best deal I found on the Internet and the variety is great.

  15. I couldn’t agree more. Actually this fellow has been emailing me and he ended up being a pretty nice guy. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I’m fine with that 🙂

  16. Hey guys the enemy is the G men, and wether, and bugs, not each other.
    just as there are many sports because each thinks differently, resepect, trust in the LORD, but work like the DEVIL is behinid you with a pitch fork.
    As for me, I ask God every fall for just one more year to garden.

  17. Think/Mrgrower/wingz wow, three accounts now? That’s pretty childish don’t you think?

    For the third time now- I deleted your comments where you misquoted me and made silly insults. Yes you are acting like a liberal enviro nazi when you misquote me and say that I said “pesticides are good” which OF COURSE I DID NOT SAY AT ALL. I also deleted some of your comments that included INSULTS. Re post your “gems of wisdom” without the insults and misquotes with your 4th account. and you’ll be fine.

  18. Where did you get this idea I am a enviro nazi? becaus eI told you commercial fert. isnt needed? science says that. You erased my posts which prove everything you said about me total lies. whats YOUR goal. surely its not food production. I listed technics, and crops which anyone can grow almost anywhere with NO outside sources of fertiliser, outside of some wood ash and urine. Ive perfect my knowledge over decades. How bout you? Why erase posts listing crops that grow freely as weeds?

  19. Here this organo nazi spammer ADMITS he has multiple accounts just to insult and spam people with. The comments he is crying about that I deleted were full of INSULTS AND RIDICULE so deleted them and blocked his account. If he wanted to RATIONALLY DEBATE he would not have gotten stupid with insults. He commented on most of the early videos but did NOT comment on the later videos where I showed earthworms THRIVING where commercial fertilizer was used. VIDEO PROOF was too much for him I guess.

  20. Maybe if you gave real advice instead of stupid INSULTS your comments would be more welcome. Your comments were deleted because you acted like a total jerk in making them. I notice you didn’t comment on the videos where I showed the earthworms thriving in soil where commercial fertilizer was used last year. VIDEO PROOF TOO MUCH FOR YOU HUH? I welcome your comments and don’t have a problem debating you, just don’t be a jerk with your comments huh?

  21. I posted info on fertilisers EVERYONE has, and info about grains most do not know about, which make growing food WAY easier. This guy erased it. clearly survival is NOT his goal. He is in georgia, he could be growing a garden of eden with no effort depenind on what we wants, yet his brain is programmed to think one way, so thats all he sees. do not follow this man if survival is your goal. sadly I cant give one single source or I would. Most people have his disease, which is why I offered a cure

  22. So I made new account, this guy has NO clue, I posted grains which grow in any soil typ in any part of the country with NO inputs. Ive grown and bred plants for decades. this guy is clueless on most everything he says. not only that he is the one with zero comprehension. Otherwise he would see, I laid out plans for sustainable havey food production. I have seeds which would grow like weeds for him in georgia. tomatoes, beans, peas, grains of many types. and he attacks me???? this guy is a liar

  23. I got this from this guy before he erased my posts-I’m always concerned about people who plan to survive but have LISTENING OR READING COMPREHENSION problems. No where did I say “pesticides are good” that’s a really stupid assumption on your part! People that can’t follow simple instructions and comprehend things REASONABLY CLEARLY have little chance to survive. You probably listen to what is actually said versus just getting pissed off cause I’m not an organo nazi like you are.

  24. better late to the feed bucket than never,
    pee is safe, not the other stuff, takes to long to break down, but A friend does that to. I stick to PEE, plus it has all the vitimins you took as the body on average dumps about 80% through pee.
    your plants need trace vititimins badly.

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