Sustainable Hydroponic Gardening

Even small-time hydroponic gardeners can enjoy the advantages and benefits of gardening in an Earth-friendly way.

With increased awareness of damaging chemicals and pesticides used in traditional gardening, the need arose for a better way of growing plants that will continue to evolve. The future of hydroponic growing is bright and is being embraced by many, from individual hobbyists to large factory farms. Hydroponic gardening has become one of the many ways people can go green.

Economically Sound & Environmentally Sustainable

The Environmental Protection agency has stated that hydroponic gardening is environmentally friendly, which is great news to all out there that share a concern for our environment. Crop rotation is quite simple in hydroponic gardening which is yet another benefit in addition to the various economic and environmental benefits. When market conditions and seasonal changes mandate, a hydroponic gardener can change over crops easily to allow for increased production.

Solar Powered Hydroponics

If reducing water consumption and increasing yields isn’t enough for you, make a larger impact by using solar powered hydroponic systems. Usually, the only electric items in your system is the grow light and water pump. Water pumps are readily available with solar cells attached. Alternatively, you can make a homemade solar cell capable of running the pump and your grow lights to further reduce your carbon footprint. For those wanting to go all-out, you can install a whole home solar unit capable of running all the electrical appliances in your home and, perhaps, allowing you to resell excess electricity back to the electric company.

Hydroponic Gardening Is The Only Choice

For those in urban areas, you may not have the option to plant an outdoor garden so hydroponic gardening may be the only option you have. In addition, those with limited outdoor space will see increased yield and productivity by growing hydroponically.

Hydroponic gardening has received criticism for the use of chemical based nutrients and electricity-sucking high intensity grow lighting – and rightly so. However, the growing availability of organic nutrients and ultra-efficient LED grow lights – both of which increase productivity and yields – means that this is no longer an issue.

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