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Apple Bonsai Tree – A Cool Tree To Have

It’s hard to understand and appreciate the beauty of an apple bonsai tree unless you see it. It is so cute as well as beautiful to see those tiny apples hanging off its miniature branches. The apple bonsai tree it so beautiful, that those who grow it, try to keep it away from the eyes of other people, lest their curiosity and admiration will harm it. Some of these owners jealously guard their prize tree from people, while some of the other owners proudly display these trees in their homes for all to see. One thing for sure, the apple bonsai tree definitely makes for one great conversation piece.

How to Properly Grow an Apple Bonsai Tree

To grow a bonsai tree properly, utmost care and precision are required. The bonsai is an art originated by the Chinese but perfected and marketed to the world by the Japanese. While the Chinese are considered exceptional in wisdom and ingenuity, it is the Japanese who have the extreme patience and care, as well as the ability to perfect a task. As a result of this, the art of bonsai it is more attached to the Japanese culture than that of the Chinese culture. Growing a bonsai tree does require a lot of patience, but the rewards are well worth it.

The art of growing an apple bonsai tree is not much different than growing a bonsai tree in general. However, because we now live in an instant gratification society, Western man in his zeal to make things easy on all aspects possible has now brought out the “hybrid” apple bonsai tree. These trees can almost grow all by themselves with the least effort and care. The only thing you have to keep an eye on is to check its growth effectively and to twist its trunk, so that it looks like a miniature version of a tree that grew out in the wild.

The apple bonsai tree is a very sturdy tree that does not require much attention during the winter months. However, since it is kept in shallow pots, there is a real danger of having its roots frosted over. So great care is required to make sure that this doesn’t happen. During the cold winter months it is a good idea to have the trees placed in a warm and protected area.

When the tree is in its growing stage, it will need to be pruned continuously and also changed from one place to a bigger placed as the tree fills its plate. When it finally reaches its desired size, the roots will have to be trimmed on a regular basis, which will ensure that its height gets stunted.

The beauty of the apple bonsai tree is that once the growth is stunted, all the other parts will get stunted too. As a result, the apple bonsai tree will have miniature leaves, miniature flowers and miniature fruits too. It is very cool to watch the miracle of nature unfold right before your very eyes.

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