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Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm

If you are interested in entomology(the study of insects) then a visit to one of Stratford’s premier tourist attractions is a must.

The Farm is located just five minutes walk from the town centre opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and is signposted all the way to the entrance.

Once inside the farm there are a whole host of butterflies and insects to see and explore with different sections dedicated to individual insects. You will marvel at the hundreds of exotic butterflies flying around from all over the world and feeding in a spectacular tropical environment.

The area is known as the Flight Area and is a landscaped tropical greenhouse (largest in the UK!) together with waterfalls and fish filled pools and houses some 250 different species of butterfly from 20 different countries.

Or you may want to visit the “Insect City” as it is known where you will find beetles stick insects and leaf cutting ants to name just a few of the creepy crawlies on show all respectively safely housed behind glass.

For those who are a bit braver then a visit to the “Arachnoland” will be worth the wait as you will be able to see the worlds largest spider plus a scorpion colony and a total of 15 different other spiders from Tarantulas to the tiny Black Widow.

The largest spider on show here is the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula with leg span of 25cm!

Finally a visit to the “Caterpilar room” must be taken it is here you can view the life cycle of a butterfly from its cocoon stage through to transformation into a butterfly. In fact at the Emerging cage as it is known you can actually see butterflies emerging from there Chrysalis or pupae stage into full butterflies for the first time.

To add to this there is also a British Butterfly Garden you can visit at the moment this garden is under a new landscaping project but once completed the garden will contain the top listed 10 butterfly nectar plants that should attract butterflies to the area. After all this there is also a gift shop with hundreds of gifts available to buy all in all a visit to the Stratford upon AvonButterfly Farm is a fascinating and worthwhile experience whether you are a insect lover or not.