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Vegetable Garden | Potager Montage NatGreeneVeg Spring 2009

European potager themed vegetable garden. Naturally, sustainably, and organically grown heirloom vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs on a 2300 sq ft plot. No synthetic fertilizers used, 9 years of compost added annually. Includes raised bed Square Foot Garden, wildlife habitat, vertical structures, grafted tomatoes, low tunnel cloche, & companion planting for a four season harvest. Produce donated to Ozarks Food Harvest. Part of the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden in Nathanael Greene Park, Springfield, Mo. You’re invited to stroll through the garden during park hours to observe, learn, and enjoy! If you’re inspired to try something different in after watching this video, please don’t hesitate to email to tell me what you’re trying! Gardener Hotline: 417-862-9284 Kitchen Garden Newsletter: cli.gs Like What You See? Contact: natgreeneveg{at}gmail.com