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Using the Pitney Bowes ShipStream to Boost the Bottom Line

How many business operators have looked for ways to boost their bottom line? Of those managers, how many have looked to their postage expenses? One of the most missed aspects of any small to mid-sized business when it comes to conserving money is the postage that is used on a regular basis. These days, using a postage meter within the office is not only a boost to the professional appearance of the business but also to the bottom line. For any business that mails packages on a regular basis, the Pitney Bowes ShipStream postage meter and recording system is the perfect solution.

One of the most time consuming tasks for any small business that ships many packages on a regular and consistent basis is making trips back and forth to the post office. Taking the time out from a busy day to go to the post office and then standing in long lines waiting to weigh the packages and figure out how much the postage will be will take away from any business’s productivity.

Using the Pitney Bowes ShipStream postage meter and tracking system, there won’t be any need to drive to the post office again. By keeping every staff member in the office, including yourself, you will increase efficiency and boost the bottom line of the business. As a business operator, you will be able to track your shipping expenses which can help determine if there are any areas that can possibly be streamlined to reduce your overall postage expenses.

Pitney Bowes has been an innovator in postage meters for years and the ShipStream is another in a long line of amazing products intended to help small businesses become more efficient. Many businesses these days use websites such as Ebay to sell products. Part of the cost of the item includes shipping, which often has to be estimated up front because the buyer may be from across the country. With the Pitney Bowes ShipStream, businesses can now create postage without the cost printed on them. This allows your business to keep the real shipping costs hidden from your customers.

With the software hooked up to the Internet, the ShipStream will determine precisely the cost to ship each and every package and can handle letters up to ten pounds (thirty pounds if you choose the larger scale). As a small business doesn’t know when the majority of orders will come in at any given time, this means that there is always the likelihood to run out of postage before the end of the day. Not with the Pitney Bowes ShipStream. You can connect at any time, day or night, seven days a week, and buy more postage as needed.

The Pitney Bowes postage meters are an excellent way for businesses to cut their postage budgets and potentially free up some revenue for other departments, or for that trip the owner and his or her spouse has been hoping to take for some time. Having a postage meter in the office boosts more than just a deeper sense of professionalism; it adds a sense of efficiency to the entire process.

Chris Ulrich is the publisher of Postage Meters – a Pitney Bowes website featuring Pitney Bowes Postage Meters