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Case Tractors Review

There was no one who had ventured into manufacturing threshers and garden tractors, till J.I Case entered the scene in the year 1842. It was in the year 1842 that a person called Jerome Increase Case started a company in Wisconsin, which is in the city of Rochester. He started to build threshers in very soon in a place near to Racine where he moved shortly after. Jerome I Case had since that time been a trusted and well known manufacturer of threshers. Nobody had taken the initiative to manufacture threshers and garden tractors till then. People all across Wisconsin opted to use threshers made from this manufacturer only.

A lot of utility provided by the threshers:

A company called JI Case and Company was formed later after a period of nine years in the year 1853. There were totally three partners involved in the company after which the company started progressing gradually. The three partners got greatly involved in the manufacture of threshers to such great extents that the benefits of the company started increasing dramatically. People found great comfort in using threshers of this company. In the year 1865, Old Abe was approved as the new trademark which was later used in civil wars as a pet known as the bald eagle.

Case tractors have been in great demand since a long time:

In the present times the company is manufacturing a variety of garden tractors. Garden tractors of this company are the most sought after tractors in comparison to other companies. Crawler Dozens, articulated trucks, forklifts, excavators – compact, excavators – tracked, compaction equipment, compact track loaders, wheel loaders, loader/ backhoes, skid steer loaders, motor grader loader – tool carriers are some of the machines being manufactured extensively by the company. These efficiently manufactured machines have been designed in great ways to serve their purpose.

Working in the garden and the fields has never become more easy and comfortable than working with Case tractors. Case tractors have the same type of characteristics basically with different gross engine hp (kW) and axle transmission, which are some of the light series of tractors also being manufactured. Engines were being manufactured by the company from the year 1869. Horses were used to move the first engine built by the company. At the time the first steam tractor engine was manufactured around the year 1876, a lot of effort was put in to bring to life this engine. It was finally in the year 1892 that the first garden tractor made its appearance in the market.

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