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The Many Types Of Gazebos For Home

Exterior space outside a home require outdoor shades to be truly useful. No guest or homeowner wants to spend much time baking under a potentially health-threatening sun. The gazebo is one such outdoor shade structure found in homes. Its most basic elements are a circular shape, a series of posts, and a roof combined into a freestanding structure. Gazebos are somewhat large so fit best into big back or front yards.

Most people who own a home will have come across the lightweight, portable gazebo. It is easy to set up as the supporting frame structure is made of rigid plastic or hollowed metal tubes. The shelter walls and roof are fabric to keep the entire structure very light. The great advantage is that these structures can be set up quickly and with minimal effort. The great disadvantage is that these structures are not robust and need to be taken down for the winter.

The roof and wall fabric can be made of many materials, with canvas being the classic selection. However, nowadays canvas is rare due to its propensity to get dirty and contaminated with microbial growth. Modern synthetics resist the color-fading sun light as well as microbial growth much better. They are also lighter, waterproof, and can be woven tightly to reduce light transmittance.

In addition to portables, the other kind of gazebos is the fixed structure that is often constructed out of wood, metal (iron or steel), and possibly brick. Wood gazebos must be treated in order to fight erosion by the elements. Iron and steel are much more durable as long as rust is managed. Such large structures demand a solid foundation entailing the sinking of concrete footings to hold the beams and platform. The work is arduous and is best done with the help of professionals.

For any of these permanent, heavy structures, it is important to ensure that sufficient open space exists around the final structure so it is easy to move around, in and out of the gazebo. The ground also needs to be level otherwise it is hard to ensure that the final structure is free of tilt. Clearing the dirt to make level ground followed by laying a surface can help improve the surface.

Many of these problems are discussed in gazebo kits which can be purchased online or at a home improvement store. Complete schematics and hardware are included with the kits. Raw materials such as wood must be purchased separately. After the gazebo is completed it can be supplemented with add-on improvements. For hot climates a mosquito netting will make the evening more bearable by keeping out small bugs and insects. For very sunny areas a hanging shade can add to the shade power of the gazebo.

You can locate more ideas on home outdoor shade. This and other topics on shades for the window exterior are available to everyone.

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Resin Wicker Patio Furniture – Can Create A Real Oasis

Today’s outdoor wicker patio furniture is a far cry from what it used to be. With a vast array of available options from traditional styling to hot new trends and a wide range of colors, the old rickety grandma’s country kitchen look is a thing of the past. Wicker furniture can fit in any dcor, and with proper maintenance can serve your family for many years.

There are a few things you should keep in mind and consider carefully as you are selecting your patio furniture.

Is your patio large, small, or average?

Will the furniture receive heavy use?

How do you plan to use the furniture?

What furniture style do you prefer?

After you answer these questions it will be easier to narrow down the choices available to the wicker set that is just right for your patio. If you have a large patio, you should avoid the smaller sized sets as they will look lost in so much space. Similarly, you shouldn’t buy a large set for a small patio or it will overwhelm the space and look crowded and uncomfortable. Selecting the furnishings that are the right size for your space is equally as important as picking the right style and color.

It is also extremely important to choose wicker furniture sets that are constructed of high quality materials for regular outdoor use. Higher quality material can hold up better to the weather over time than poorer quality materials will. You should simply avoid any outdoor wicker patio furniture made from paper fibers. This material cannot handle either outdoor conditions or regular usage. For long-term use outdoors, natural wicker furniture sets constructed of rattan or bamboo are your best bets

Select a durable aluminum framed wicker set for your patio. Heavy-duty aluminum will provide better support for your set and can handle regular use. Lastly, perform a careful inspection of the furniture’s wicker weave. If the furniture piece is high quality, you will not be able to see the frame through the wicker’s tight weave. If there are gaps in the weave, move on to the next piece as they will only destroy the integrity of your piece over time.

It is important to seal wicker furniture in order to protect it from outdoor conditions, regardless of what the climate is like where you live. You can either seal your furniture by painting it or applying a coat of resin sealant. While both methods work well, the sealant will also showcase your furniture’s natural beauty. You should also thoroughly clean your furniture at least once every year. You can use soap and warm water to clean the wicker, rinse it with a garden hose, and place it in a safe location where it can dry completely. Periodically, your furniture will need to be refinished by adding a new coat of clear varnish or lacquer.

Outdoor wicker patio furniture comes in shapes, styles, colors and sizes to fit every dcor. You can find modern lounge chairs and couches to create attractive patio seating areas. Wicker bistro and dining sets are available for outdoor meals and entertaining. And if you loved Grandma’s old white country kitchen look chair, you can get that, too, only in a much higher quality.

The prices of quality wicker furniture might give you a little sticker shock, but try to remember that good quality furniture costs money. That doesn’t mean you should let the price stop you from having the patio of your dreams. By shopping at clearance sales during the late summer and early fall you can usually find great deals that can save you some cash. Of course, buying your furniture when the season is over will mean storing it for the winter. But you won’t regret it once spring rolls around and you can spend the summer enjoying your beautiful patio.

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