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Home Garden Decor

Today’s garden decor is more of an extension of your living space. Versatile outdoor spaces can be used for dining and lounging with family members, as well as entertaining guests. Decorating your garden for these functions gives you a fabulous alternative to the traditional dinner party! With the wonderful new garden decor trend of creating an outdoor kitchen and dining/living area you are expanding your square footage and increasing your home value. According to “Smart Money” magazine, consumers who spend 5 percent of the value of their home on landscaping can expect to add 15 percent or more to its value. Entertaining trends are following suit with the garden decor trends. Themed garden parties and of course the traditional American Barbeque is all the rage. It’s very easy and affordable to double your living space.

Add a few comfortable weatherproof chairs, an unused table, paint a lasting rug to your patio and you are on your way to doubling your living space or be inventive…Create a grass couch, table and loveseat, using a wood structure covered in sod. Be creative in your garden decor. Center your living/dinning space close to your “kitchen” area. In 2004 alone 14.5 million grills were sold, so that along with a small refrigerator, a prep/serving table and you have just achieved an inexpensive outdoor kitchen. You can always build a more defined structure encompassing built in appliances. Use your imagination and remember your garden decor is a refection of you and your family.

Adding a canopy or fire pit will make a wonderful addition to the completion of your garden decor. Create different rooms outside by separating the areas by plants, screens, and trellises. Place a fire pit in one corner away from all flammables, of course and place some place a few chairs around, to create a wonderful area to tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows. Use a canopy in another area and place an outdoor bed or picnic table under it and this will create a place to lounge in a shaded area and enjoy your garden. Trends are gearing towards mimicking your home outside. So duplicating your living spaces outside is an important aspect to your garden decor.

Adding life to your garden decor is also an essential part. There are many different ways to accomplish this. Make it a project for your whole family. Incorporate a vegetable and herb garden, pond or Butterfly garden to your garden decor. Nothing improves your garden more than the use of plant life, trees, native plants, perennials or annuals. Just make sure that they will survive your climate. Ask your local gardening store for assistance with your selection.

Ensure that your garden decor includes fragrant plants to enhance your outdoor experience. A Butterfly Garden is a perfect avenue to take. Not just beautiful plants to view, but an outdoor lab for your children to explore. Chose a sunny spot and include plants such as Lantana, zinnia, coneflower, butterfly bush and abelia. Butterflies especially love clusters of small tubular flowers. Some species enjoy fennel, parsley, dill, and rue which is a wonderful gateway to incorporate an herb garden. Adding a few of the fragrant plants will assist in drawing in birds bringing in even more life and color to your garden. Interjecting a birdhouse and a water source into your garden decor will ensure that the birds will come back and will provide hours of entertainment.

Bonsai Decor

There are lots of people who will use their bonsai tree as part of the bonsai decor. You will want to make sure that you think about the way that you can incorporate the bonsai tree into your decor. You will want to make sure that you look at the bonsai tree as a different way to decorate. You will want to keep in mind that the decor of the home can be more than just the normal greenery and flowers, but you can do so much to make the decor of your home blend into something wonderful and fantastic. You will be able to incorporate the basic bonsai decor into any room and still be comfortable.

When it comes to the bonsai decor, you will need to think about ways that you can incorporate the Japanese culture into your home. You will want to keep in mind that there are a lot of things that you can do to make the home look good, but also allow the bonsai trees to flow into the decor of the room.

First, you will find that the bonsai tree is very exotic and unique. You will be able to make the way that your bonsai trees look like something that you have created and cared for. You will find that there is a lot to do with the bonsai tree.

Secondly, you will want to learn how you can incorporate your bonsai into your decor. You may be able to gather up a garden to place in a corner of your room and you may end up finding that it is something great to have in the corner of the home. You will also want to consider that there are a lot of things that you are going to have to add to the bonsai so that it matches the rest of the home well. You will find that that by simply making a bonsai garden in the corner of your kitchen or part of the hallway you will be able to add a lot of decor to the house.

Thirdly you will need to make sure that you think about how you can add the bonsai into your decoration as a special aspect and have it as an accent. You will want to make sure that you think about where you will put the tree in order to keep the garden going strongly.

You will want to take the bonsai tree and try to incorporate it into your home, but also try to take the tree and make it something that you love. You need to be able to get fun and creative with things like the bonsai tree. You will find that you will have a lot more fun when you take your time to decorate your home with these interesting plants.

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