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The 21st Century Garden Designers

Would you love to own a beautiful garden but commitments would not permit you to take up new commitments that are involved with setting up and maintaining gardens? Your dream is still attainable if you consider the option of employing garden designers. The rates offered nowadays by these designers are very competitive and is not as high as it if often made to look like.

Garden designers are skilled specialists responsible for building master plans of landscapes and the design of gardens. Their functions and job scope is increasing rapidly from what it used to be in the past. They are now responsible with providing direction and supervision during construction, management of the garden once completed and consulting with the clients for advice and brainstorming.

From the sketches to the actual planting of trees and landscaping, designers handle the whole process all the way. All that you need to do is to sit down and sell your garden idea with them and they take care of the rest – that is of course after you have mutually agreed on a budget.

Trained to handle landscaping worries too means that the designers can survey the site, prepare the drawings for the development of the garden from the concept stage to the actual construction. They also source for the plants and building materials and labour as well as provide maintenance services for the finished garden on regular contract basis.

In the past, gardens were designed by talented amateurs, some who were products of apprenticeship but had no formal training. It was not uncommon to utilise the services of designers whose area of specialisation and training was not focused on gardens to attempt to apply their talents to design gardens. Today, there are academic institutions that develop these budding talents to specialise in the intricate art of designing and maintaining gardens.

The advancement of building architecture and technology, and the complexities in environmental design issues have greatly made professional garden designers a necessity and not an option in contemporary and functional garden designs.


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Clever Garden Designers Should be Pitching to Developers

From the 1st of this month (October) all planning applications, without exception, will have to be accompanied by a full Tree Survey Report and an Arboreal Culture Method Statement which, for clever garden designers, could mean a steady stream of bread and butter income to supplement their design work, especially while the housing market holds its breath through these difficult financial times.

And for designers with a flair for planting schemes, there’s more good news now that CABE Space and other organisations are supporting a new campaign to give soft landscaping (greenery/plants) more priority in new developments.

The suggestion is that 2% of the total budget must be spent on planting and green space, and local authorities will have to crackdown on developers who don’t fulfil this approved and planned landscaping. The trouble is, and this is good news for the proactive designer, most developers are not landscape designers so even if they plant a few trees, they probably won’t be the right kind.

Some of our graduates have left the course and, not only established successful design practices, but also broken into journalism (again, a good way of supplementing your design income and getting your name known), to write about the importance of good design, planting etc in various local and national newspapers and magazines.

And so talking of CABE – which stands for The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and which is the body that advises the Government on architecture, urban design and public space – there’s currently a great opportunity for other would-be scribes who have qualified in design on our course, because this organisation is now actively recruiting design experts to put together a new 20-strong panel of freelance expert writers for 2009-11.

So, and I know we’re still a few weeks off, but if you’re thinking about drawing up your Christmas party invite list, you might want to include the names of a few local developers and architects and start building a supplementary income stream to get you through the current financial crisis, especially if you are just starting out.

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