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How To Design And Maintain A Water Garden

A water garden can add a distinctive look to your home and make stand out from the rest. A well designed water garden and envy onlookers and attract many spectators. The size of water garden should be proportionate to your home to give it the perfect look.

Choose the exact location and construct a unique water garden.

It is not necessary to have flowing water in the garden. Even if you plan to have flowing water, make sure the force is less or it will hamper other aquatic plants. However, flowing water has its advantages as well.

A fountain will certainly add more style to your garden and if you plan to have fish, they stay well in the moving water. Just attach a pump and filter that can make the flowing of water easy and also remove the dirt.

Depending upon the style of your water garden, you could choose to have either a fountain or a waterfall. A waterfall goes well with rocks, so if you have used stones to design your water garden you can develop a waterfall.

You can also opt for statue fountains or metal ones, as they enhance the look of your garden. The pipes and pumps can also be fitted in a proper manner to give it a good look.

You can also go for fabricated waterfalls and fountains that simply need to be installed in your garden. There are several designs and patterns available in the market and you need to pick the one that goes well with the design of your garden. If you are artistic, you can make one and place it in the garden.

When it comes to choosing a pump, you need to select one depending upon the amount of water you require to keep in motion. For fast moving water, you would require a forceful pump. You can always take the help of the storekeeper prior to choosing one. The size of the pump, however, should not be more than the pond, it should proportionate to it.

Choose your plants carefully. You should have enough knowledge about the plants and flowers that grow in water. Do not fill the place with too many plants, as it can make it cumbersome to clean. When using electrical pump, make sure that the currents are not very strong or it harm the fishes and plants. Let there be a gentle flow of water.

When it comes to maintaining the water garden, make sure you inspect it regularly. Remove all the dead plants or leaves. Leave the water garden free of debris. Change the water regularly so they it stays free of dirt and does not attract insects. You need to clean the pump and filter on a timely basis. When it comes to cleaning, unplug the pump and then carry on. After cleaning, fix all the parts properly and read the instructions in order to make sure you are doing it in the right way.

Daily care and cleaning of water garden will help you keep it clean and healthy. Water garden will require more attention than the normal garden. Anything that stays in water for long can get decomposed or deceased causing a problem to the other plants. Therefore, pay timely attention and you can easily maintain your water garden.