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What Causes Low Water Pressure ?

In case you are suffering from low water pressure problem then the pressure of water coming out of your water faucet or your shower would be very low. This is very irritating problem for which you need to check the water lines.

If the diameter of your house plumbing is half inch then it is quite obvious that it would cause the problem of low water pressure. If you would use pipes with 1 inch diameter then this problem can be avoided to a great extent as smaller pipes produce lower water pressure than large sized pipes.

Therefore, always keep this thing in mind that while building a new home, you should use larger sized pipes. These pipes would cost you more but it is better to spend once and get rid of all the problems that might generate in future. Water from the main supply travels down the pipe and then passes through many twists and turns before it reaches the valve. Hence, in the way the pressure naturally goes down.

There are some other causes of reduced water pressure. For instance check all the shut off valves along your water line. These valves should be open all the way so that you get as much water pressure as possible.

Don’t forget to check the indoor main water shut off valve. It should also be opened fully in order to get full water pressure. In case it is located on or near your main water meter then call the water provider or an experienced plumber for opening this valve.

In case the low water pressure is not caused because of any above mentioned reasons then chances are there that your pipe is damaged. This damage could be caused because of strong earthquake or any other such problem. Therefore, get all your pipes inspected for damage and leaks.

Blockage is also a big reason that causes the reduction in water pressure. Besides blockage, leak could also result into low water pressure and it also adds unused units in your water bill.

Most people call a plumber only in case of an emergency. But if you act before a crisis, you can save both time and money. Reduced water pressure could be a sign of a serious plumbing problem so have it looked at as soon as possible.

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